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could we
if we trusted 

each other?

Collaboration is essential. Yet, there are few mainstream examples of effective organizing methodologies for relational, decentralized work. ​

Structures like hierarchies are effective at addressing technical challenges, but they often fail to consider the way we engage with one another—the collaboration itself. Collaboration is adaptive and complex. To do it well, we must approach it differently.

A network approach is an organizing method for cultivating healthy human systems. It prioritizes building trust and facilitates collective sensemaking to unleash the promise of emergent solutions. This approach is relational at its core. Its effectiveness is born not of elaborate strategy and structure, but of human connection.  

While a hierarchical approach leverages resources to maximize outputs, a network approach leverages relationships to maximize impact.


Hi, I'm Amelia. I'm a network strategist, designer, facilitator, and writer for organizations and collaboratives dedicated to social and environmental impact. I combine a relational style with strategic acumen and a dose of imagination to help collaborations thrive.


I am a Converge Network Co-creator. In my five years with Converge, I served as our network coordinator; co-developed core tradecraft; and catalyzed, cultivated, and advised dozens of unique networks that benefit people and the planet. Before planting a stake in the consulting field, I spent the first part of my career immersed in efforts to create more just and equitable access to food as the founder of My Street Grocery and the Director of Food Access Programs at Whole Foods Market.

I strive to live an integrated life by working with people I trust on projects that are meaningful to me and/or to others. As a result, I love my job, and some of my colleagues and clients are among my closest friends. When I'm not working on client projects, I'm often renovating my 1949 house, gardening in the sunny season, yelling at Blazers games in the rainy season, and cooking with and for the people I love. I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon with an exuberant border collie and a cat named Pot Pie, and I work with purpose-driven clients around the world.

About me.

I'm an independent consultant, but I rarely work alone.

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